Trinity University Faces Backlash over Social Media Post Recognizing Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale

Almost every university in the world brags about their alumni. Whether by proudly displaying the success of alumni through mailers to potential students, posters or flyers on campus bulletin boards, or posting about the success of alumni on social media, universities love to parade about their alumni's stories to both current and future students.


On Tuesday, March 6th, Trinity University made a post positively portraying alumni Brad Parscale (Class of 1999). Brad Parscale was Trump's
Digital Director for the 2016 election and was recently named the campaign manager for Trump's inevitable 2020 run. 



Progressive alumni and viewers began berating the post on Trinity's facebook and twitter. Comments ranged from former Trinity professor and Trinity alum Simran Jeet Singh arguing that Parscale was not in fact a successful person and not someone that Trinity students should view as a role model. (Keep in mind that nobody had a complaint when Trinity previously profiled Parscale back in March of 2013)



Other Twitter commentators attacked both Trinity and Parscale with leftover Democrat rhetoric about the 2016 election and Russian collusion:

Some accused Parscale of having taken part in the Charlottesville rallies:


 The Facebook comments are also quite entertaining. Some alumni believed that this post was a sign of implicit support of President Trump, while others threatened to pull their donations and boycott class reunions. Other commentators attacked Parscale's Trinity credentials. Some even went as far to accuse Trinity of standing for "white privilege" and a home for people of the "alt-right", where students of color need not apply. 


One person noted that I had retweeted the tweet:



Another accused Brad of being a Nazi:

Current student Isaiah Mora attempted to coax some of the commentators back to reality. He reminded them that their donations provide the opportunity for first generation college students and students from financially disadvantaged background to attend an amazing school like Trinity, and that they should not stop donating just because of one facebook post. 

Some Trinity alumni and parents came to the defense of Trinity and Brad Parscale, praising Trinity for being a place where free speech and open debate is welcome while encouraging other commentators to do the same.

One friend of Parscale shared a heartwarming story of Parscale coming to his aid when he found himself down on his luck.



Trinity should continue to celebrate the success of alumni big and small, Republican and Democrat, man and woman. While we might disagree about the politics of today, we are joined together in an eternal bond as Trinity Tigers and should celebrate our successes. To Trinity-- don't shy away from supporting your conservative alumni just because the Democrats and liberals on social media harp on you. 








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