Never Trumper Negley? Yes, According to Club for Growth

March 5, 2018



Was William Negley a “Never Trumper?” It would appear so, according to Club for Growth, a 501 c(4) conservative group and Super PAC. Club for Growth recently released an ad alleging that Negley was in fact “a Never Trumper” and, much like William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, pursued a third party independent candidate to run against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


The ad, titled “Bad Choice,” reads that “Bill Negley was wrong about the choice between Trump and Clinton”, and that he backed an independent campaign in 2016. The ad states that this campaign “could’ve helped Clinton”. It fails to state which independent candidate this is, and what connection he or she had to Hillary Clinton.


According to his Ballotpedia page, William Negley is an ex-CIA member who served in Afghanistan. Due to this, his tag line on road signs is “Terrorist Hunter”, and his experience also led him to found a nonprofit for soldiers experiencing PTSD called “Sound Off”. Besides this, he does not have any formal political experience, in any level of government.


Negley has been officially endorsed by Red McCombs, a local billionaire businessman, and is supported by two Super PACS: Mountain City PAC and Citizens for a Strong America. From these combined sources alone, Negley has raked in nearly $300,000 in campaign donations.


The ad from Club for Growth raises multiple questions about Negley’s political ties and affiliations. Not only did he not support the Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential race, but he actively supported another candidate from a different party, according to CFB. Due to the fact that Negley has never held public office nor worked in politics, it is unsure which candidates and initiatives he would support if elected into office this Fall.


The election for Congressional District 21 will be held on March 6, and Negley is one of 18 Republicans on the ballot. The runoff is scheduled for May 22, 2018, and the general is November 6, 2018.


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