Liberal Thugs Attack Conservative Display at UTSA

February 13, 2018


Liberal students recently vandalized a conservative display at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The display, was designed and paid for by Mikaela Myrin. The vandals blacked out the social media links of the UTSA conservative group and crossed out the word “conservative” replacing it with “racist”.


The juvenile delinquents also appeared to have desecrated our beautiful American flag and tear down a poster.




UTSA has not made a public statement regarding the incident. Like most liberal universities, I highly doubt that they will address the difficult and unhealthy environment that conservative students face on a daily basis. However, I have a solution! To remedy this injustice against Mikaela Myrin and all conservative students at UTSA, I have venmoed her $5 dollars to help her replace the conservative's board. I also ask that all reading this do the same. Conservative college students needs both our moral and financial support as they face the onslaught of liberalism on a daily basis. Venmo can be accessed here and does not charge user fees.




Mikaela, an engineering major, is the leader of the conservative movement at UTSA. Early last year, Mikaela restarted the College Republicans at UTSA; after they had fallen into disarray under previous leadership. She then displayed a knack for prudence and guided her College Republican chapter to a new home in Young Americans For Freedom. Young Americans for Freedom are able to provide her with the resources to fight back against the progressive cartel at UTSA.



Their first major speaker of the year will be opioid addiction recovery coach Tim Ryan. Tim will be speaking on Wednesday February 21st about the dangerous of opioid abuse. The lecture will take place at 6 PM. The venue is to be determined.

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