Ohio State passes Opioid Death Prevention Legislation


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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018



Students For Opioid Solutions Declares Legislative Victory #3 at THE Ohio State University


COLUMBUS, OHIO. Today, Students For Opioid Solutions, a grassroots movement to prevent opioid deaths on college campuses, is proud to announce that tonight, the  Undergraduate Student Government at THE Ohio State University unanimously passed SOS’s trademark legislation.


This legislation will reduce the number of deaths from opioid overdoses on college campuses to zero through a five part process: 1) Pass student government legislation calling upon school administrators to require that residential life and campus police officers receive training in the recognition of an opioid overdose. 2) Encourage residential life staff to receive training in the use of naloxone and either carry it or have reasonably quick access. 3) Ensure that schools record and report the number of opioid overdoses and deaths in their annual public drug and alcohol report. 4) Ensure amnesty for students who report overdoses. 5) Enact a Good Samaritan clause protecting students who come to the aid of someone suffering from an opioid overdose.


“I’m excited that Ohio State is seriously taking note of the opioid epidemic and responding in a responsible fashion to protect students and sufferers of addiction” -Gerald Fraas, President of Students for Opioid Solutions


“Nick Davis did a phenomenal job guiding the bill through the legislative process. Ohio State is now a safer place thanks to his leadership.” - Charles “Jonah” Wendt, Executive Director and National Field Director of Students for Opioid Solutions.


This is the third legislative victory for Students For Opioid Solutions. The previous victories were at the University of Alabama and Colorado State University, respectfully.


About Students For Opioid Solutions: opioidsolutions.org

Founded by Gerald Fraas of South Dakota and Jonah Wendt of Texas, Students For Opioid Solutions (SOS) is a national grassroots movement to eradicate deaths from opioid overdoses on college campuses through SGA legislation. SOS is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Alabama and is an IRS recognized 501(c)3.



Read the full resolution here




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