George Rodriguez Files Complaint Against San Antonio Police Department and Police Chief


At his January 9th press conference, local firebrand conservative George Rodriguez lambasted the city of San Antonio and its police force for its handling of a recent smuggling case. This recent smuggling case concerns what he contests to be the illegal release of twelve illegal immigrants. Rodriguez also mentioned that he has filed a complaint against the San Antonio Police and SAPD chief Bill McManus with the Texas Attorney General. The press conference can be viewed here.


“I have decided to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office against the San Antonio Police and SAPD chief Bill McManus for releasing 12 illegal aliens without coordination with ICE for proper vetting. I believe the SAPD's action, possibly authorized by the Chief or/and higher authorities, places me and other citizens in danger of illegal alien criminals. I believe it is also a violation of SB-4, the state Sanctuary Cities law.” - George Rodriguez


George also stated that he believed that this was a violation of last year’s controversial SB-4 bill.


“I have decided file a complaint against the SAPD for not enforcing SB-4 and for not protecting me and other citizens from possible illegal alien criminals.” - George Rodriguez.


At the end of his press conference, George mentioned that the Attorney General’s office has  contacted him about his complaint.


Last year, 12 people were found in the back of an 18 wheeler. They were all undocumented immigrants. It appears that rather than turn them over to federal immigration officers with homeland security that the city of San Antonio decided to release all 12 people. More information about this event can be found here here and here.

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