My Experience With the Alt-Right

August 23, 2017



Politics used to be so simple: there were Democrats, and there were Republicans.  Fast forward to 2017 and we have the emergence of groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have become popular through their riots and property destruction in the name of equality.  I have had special encounters with Antifa members who dress in all black, cover their faces, and attack people they consider to be fascists.  Antifa protested a Turning Point USA conference I was attending in Denver.  They hated the free-market capitalism ideology we were supporting, so they tried to silence us and our right to free speech (how anti-fascist of them).  At lunch, a couple of friends and I went out, bought markers and poster board, and decided to hold a counter protest and show them what free speech is. I couldn’t wait to show them what young conservatives represent: respect for contradictory views and people different than us. We didn’t make any obscene gestures and never uttered a threatening or offensive word towards them.  After a while, we left quietly and peacefully because we had accomplished what we needed to. I felt that we all gave conservatism a good name and I naively assumed that everyone who wore the title “conservative” acted with the same tact.


However, I found I was very wrong in my assumption when I had my first taste of the alt-right. It turns out I had dated someone who was secretly a part of the alt-right, but I didn’t realize it until after the relationship ended.  He talked to me about how the Holocaust didn’t happen the way everyone is brainwashed to think, how race mixing is wrong, how whites are superior to everyone else, and how evil the Jews are.  He told me that he had only shared his views with me and one other person because no one else was ready to hear them. Even though I was extremely bothered by these statements, I disregarded them and thought that no one could really believe things like that. But there are people out there that do.


My second encounter with the alt-right would turn out to be a lot more eye-opening than my first.  While at job training, I met a guy who seemed like a normal, respectable conservative.  Behind closed doors, though, his true self came out.  He said that bestiality and sex with a black man are both as degenerate as the other, that the only thing Hitler did wrong was “fail,” and that Jews hurt him in his daily life solely by existing.  When asked why he didn’t share his beliefs publicly, he responded that the world wasn’t ready for it. This rhetoric solidified my suspicions about the alt-right being centered around the preservation of the white race in the United States.  I had to do something about this. I could not let someone who was a white nationalist tarnish the name and reputation of traditional conservatism.  I secretly, but legally, recorded this video and released for everyone to see.



At first, the pushback from the guy in the video seemed a lot more frightening than his rhetoric.  He and his band of alt-right keyboard trolls stalked me on Twitter and Facebook, trying to get me upset by calling me a “degenerate thot” and “slut” and attacking my personal appearance.  I guess they thought that a strong, conservative woman would be offended by weak comments made by losers who could probably never get a date.  Once their kind words ran out, they decided to release my personal information to everyone on the internet.  Despite my past ignorance of the alt-right, I could now clearly see it for what it truly is; a group of unprincipled cowards who take the conservative name to hide their disgusting views from the rest of society.  The rhetoric of the alt-right is extremely dangerous and their actions can be, too. Nonetheless, all they know how to do is hide behind their frog memes and keyboards, spew hollow remarks and harass true conservatives who want to make America a better place for all Americans.  After the release of the video, I also received hate from bystanders charging me for betraying someone “on the same side” as me.  My reply: it doesn’t matter if someone is “on your side.” Principles matter more than party. If someone crosses the line it is your duty to call them out, and the alt-right has undeniably crossed the line.



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