The Alt-Right vs The Vision and Wisdom of the Founding Fathers

August 17, 2017

Editor's Note

This is part one of an eleven part series detailing how the Alt-Right violates the eleven principles of a Reagan Conservative as laid out by Dr. Kengor in his bestselling book "Eleven Principles of a Reagan Conservative"

- Jonah Wendt, Editor-in-Chief



We all know how the story goes. A bunch of rebellious peasants bound together by a common land, an aversion to unfair taxes, a lack of representation, and the desire to be free threw off the largest military superpower of the time.  In doing so, a new nation was born out of the intellect and spirit of a few of these men who congregated in Philadelphia in 1776 to officially take their leave of the powers that were.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Thus began the great experiment that is the United States of America.


At times these words appear hypocritical given that many Founders indeed owned slaves. We all learned about the Civil War, Reconstruction, and then eventually the Civil Rights movement in school. History has a way of seeming so far away sometimes, until it comes back to bite us.


And then there was Charlottesville. On display was the simmering hatred and bigotry that had been dormant for so long. People said it was gone, that racism was dead and that those who felt otherwise were just tilting at windmills. But then people got run over by a 20 year-old failure in a really nice car. I never thought I would live to see a day where the scenes from a History Channel documentary about Dr. King looked anything like something happening on the news today. Yet there it was, a signal that white supremacy was still alive and well somewhere in this country.


As conservatives, we are now left to figure out how our party, the party of Lincoln, could become the sort of party in which this alt-right “movement” could even hope to find support in. We have to decide if we are still on the side of the Founders, both of our nation and of our party, or if we are going to sell our souls to a disgusting contortion of faux conservative Republicanism.  


This is because the alt-right lacks reason. It lacks the vision and wisdom of the Founding Fathers, one of the principles of Reagan conservatism. This does not mean that we pretend as though the Founders were godlike in their wisdom. Certainly they were not all-knowing. However, even in the midst of hypocrisy, they realized that (with hope and work) their vision could indeed be realized by future generations.


So then why is it we find ourselves in this situation? One would be correct to assert that Southern Democrats passed and defended Jim Crow laws. Contrary to popular belief, the two major parties did not just “switch sides” during the Civil Rights movement. No, we got here by selling out the true nature of the American conservative ideology in favor of a flashier, less intellectual, less “PC” model. Don’t believe me? Unless you listened to Alex Jones before 2016, you had probably never heard of this “vast, globalist conspiracy” before, either. To most of us with normal social lives and a basic understanding of literature, a cuck was an abbreviated term from Middle English poems and Shakespeare’s plays instead of slang for someone who does not share the extremist views of the alt-right or criticizes them in any way.


I barely recognize my own party anymore. When did a war hero become a coward? When did a man who sincerely believes that chemicals in the water are making frogs gay, and who also sells “nutritional supplements” on the side, gain a following of over two million? Most importantly, when did the party of Lincoln and Reagan count among its ranks avowed Klansmen and neo-Nazis? This nonsense will only drag us down. We must cut out these fools who seek to merge their damaged views with that of our party.


There should be no shame in doing the right thing (no pun intended). The speed with which many serious leaders of the Republican Party called out the act of domestic terrorism and made it clear that the views of the perpetrators were not tolerated in our party is a great example of how we must conduct ourselves going forward. At the end of the day our allegiance is to the nation whose flag we salute. The alt-right and their poster boys be damned, they have no place in the Republican Party. If this is the base some of our elected officials are now playing to, then we need to find a new base. Fortunately there are plenty of Americans who agree with our high ideals of economic and personal freedom as well as limited government. They do not want to be lumped in with the sociopaths who seek to create a “homeland for the white race”. And really, who can blame them?


Ronald Reagan and the Founding Fathers are looking down on those who are thriving in this macabre, anti-intellectual knockoff of an American conservative party with disgust. The vision and wisdom of the Founders must endure. Our party can adopt the principles of Reagan conservatism sans the alt-right. Indeed, we must, or we will lose both our party and our principles.

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