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One of the most commonly used phrases around this time of the year is “Vote! Your vote matters!”

Sadly, your vote doesn’t actually matter.

Before you leave some angry comment, please let me explain. In the 2012 General Election 129,237,642 votes were counted. I’m using the term “votes counted” because everyone has a dead relative, who only began voting for democrat shortly after they passed.


Let’s pretend that back in 2012 you did vote in the general election. Whether you cast your vote for Romney or Obama is irrelevant for this experiment, as the election was not decided by a single vote. You were 1 vote out of 129,237,642 votes. This means that your one vote accounted for approximately 0.00000007% of the votes cast. Now, let's say that you get into a time machine and decide to stop your 2012 self from exercising your right to vote. Now only 129,237,641 votes were counted. The electorate remained 99.99999992262316% the same. You removing your 1 vote from the electorate made a difference of .000000007848794% or approximately the same chance of my crush liking me back.


For a historical perspective, never in the history of the United States, has a single vote determined the presidency. Also, since 1896 only 7 elections total on the state level and federal level in the United States have been determined by a single vote. This is 7 elections out of around 40,000 elections or .0175% and 7 votes out of approximately 1 billions votes or .0000007% of votes that have determined an election. Mathematically speaking, your vote is negligible and will only matter in extremely rare cases.


Now you must be asking yourself, why the hell is this 19 year old kid lecturing me on why my vote doesn’t matter after everyone else in the world tells me that it does? To put my own spin on a quote from Karl Marx, Voting is the opiate of the people. Those in power whether it be, the establishment, the evil republicans on the right or the crazy liberals on the left want you to believe that by voting you have some kind of impact on the election. You don’t. Period end of story.


If you want to have any impact at ALL on the elections you need to get involved. Get involved with the political process. You need to use your voice.


Find a candidate or an issue that you care about and use your voice. Start the uncomfortable conversation with your friends about politics. Let them know why you believe certain things certain ways.Tell them why it is important to educate themselves on the issues. Take an quiz to figure out what you believe. Figure out what issues you are passionate about. Ask yourself, “What matters to me?” Make phone calls for candidates up and down the ballot. Volunteer with the local county GOP or Democratic headquarters to phone bank for the presidential candidates. Volunteer with an issue based political action committee.


Become a volunteer voter deputy registrar and register people to vote. Leave your dorm room. Leave your house. Get off of your couch. Go out into the world and knock doors, make phone calls, post on Facebook. Do what you have to do to be heard. Just let your voice be heard. Do it. Do not be afraid. Do not fear. For every person that thinks what an imbecile two or three will think what a brave person. When all you do is vote you make no impact on the political process. Get involved and make an impact. Get involved and change the world.

Your vote doesn’t matter, but your VOICE does.


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