A New Strength For Conservative Women

February 20, 2017

Magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, claim that women should be living in fear because all of our freedoms are doomed. Coco Chanel once said, “a girl should be two things; who and what she wants.” Under the Trump Administration, female conservatives may be able to achieve exactly that, contrary to magazine headlines.


Prior to the elections, many women took to twitter venting about the healthcare system under Trump. They vented about Trump’s daughter, they vented about every move his campaign made, but many conservative women fell silent. Their words went unspoken out of fear of backlash, judgment, and loss of friends. These women were truly attacked during the election. These strong women searching for positions in which they could achieve and be themselves were forced to take a step back, and stand quietly among their boisterous peers. But not for much longer.


Trump’s Administration introduces a new world in which female leaders can step forward. This country is entering an era where confidence is being brought back into the lives of conservative women. The best example of this can be found with Omarosa Manigault’s interview on The View. Omarosa tactfully answered questions regarding the current presidency and artfully responded on current controversies. Although the back-and-forth with Joy Behar was the most discussed aspect of the segment, Omarosa ended with pointing out that she is engaged to a democrat. She, a fierce conservative, professed her engagement to a man with an opposite political affiliation. Omarosa is confident enough to be a conservative on TV as well as at home. She is an example of how conservative women should feel- confident enough to be who they are.


Confident. That is what our future female leaders will look like. They will be women who aren't afraid to voice their opinions, who won’t be standing in the background. They will be having conversations with those who disagree agree with them. They will be educating others on why it is they believe what they do. They will be doers, achievers, and no longer only thinkers. That is the future of female leaders.

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