Rioting Is Not The Answer

February 20, 2017


If people were to use violence and other means of physical intimidation against their opponents, the rioters will only discredit their message and make the other side seem more reasonable by comparison. The acts of the rioters have given credibility to Yiannopoulos’ arguments and drives more people to support President Trump and the policies of his administration because they are sick and tired of being shut down by leftists simply because they have an alternative political opinion. Some time after the riots at UC Berkeley, a middle school teacher in Berkeley went on Fox News for an interview with Tucker Carlson, where she said it was necessary to use violence to shut down any so-called fascists (i.e. any-one who disagrees with her). Click here for the full interview. Some such as myself do not agree with everything that Yiannopoulos espouses, but he certainly has every right to say it without the threat of bodily harm, and it is unacceptable to assault someone with whom you disagree simply because you disagree.  



We have come to the point in our country, and as a society, where many people are simply incapable of discussing various topics with others that disagree with them in a peaceful manner. People instead must resort to physical violence and intimidation when they encounter ideas that conflict or dispel myths of their worldview. We as a country are developing a nasty state of tribalism, something that I do not particularly care for. This tribalism issue has emerged in part due to millennials who have been raised without enough “no” in their life. Our generation has been raised to think that we can get anything we want, and when things do not go our way, we can simply throw a temper tantrum until our desires have been fulfilled.



The election of our 45th president, Donald Trump, has simply thrown out all logic in the minds of leftists. To them, Armageddon has occurred - America has elected a racist, homophobic and xenophobic president. We should remind the left that they lost because of the type of behavior that occurred at UC Berkeley the night Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. The rest of America has said enough, enough with your whining and childish behavior. If you want people to treat you like an adult, then act like one. If you want people to take you seriously, then act like a decent human being and learn how to talk without screaming, because when you raise your voice - you lose. But how should we go forward then? Simple, we talk and debate issues in a civil manner, and engage one another in a respectful manner so that we can live and work together in peace. Once we begin to do that, we will survive.  




Milo Yiannopoulos was set to give a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, earlier this year on the topic of free speech. Instead, masked “protesters” (rioters) destroyed public property, set objects on fire, and assaulted a female Trump supporter by pepper spraying her in her face. This behavior is typical of rioters, fascists, and Nazi’s, not of protesters. When one commits an  act of physical violence against another person because he or she disagrees with his or her political views, that is an act of textbook intolerance, and that is what occurred at UC Berkeley earlier this year.






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