The Value of Truth

February 20, 2017



The truth always matters, even when people say it does not, or when people blatantly ignore it. Recently, major news networks have been peddling stories that are patently false and designed to smear public perception without having all the facts. Senate and House Democrats have withdrawn all pretenses of reality in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, and are spiraling deeper into a delusion of their own making. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) recently held a town hall on CNN moderated by Jake Tapper. One moment in the town hall stands out as a particularly delusional. A Yemeni refugee asked Nancy Pelosi what the Democratic party could do to help assist refugees fleeing from Yemen. Pelosi answered that the perilous living situation lay with the incompetence and recklessness of the Trump administration (Click here for the story and video of that exchange). Such a claim is absurd, as the Obama administration is the administration that set off the chain of events -beginning with pulling U.S forces out of Iraq- which led to the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Several acts taken by the Obama administration led to ISIS taking over wide swaths of land across Iraq and Syria, namely former President Obama calling ISIS the JV team and refusing to call it out for what it is - a radical Islamic terrorist organization bent on destroying Western civilization. Not identifying the enemy significantly hindered our ability to fight and defeat ISIS. The truth here is that the Executive Order (EO) on restricting the arrival of refugees for the next couple of months was done to protect the American people, and President Trump has the Constitutional authority to do as he sees fit to protect the people of the United States.  Additionally, the EO is not a Muslim ban - nowhere in the EO does it mention Muslims or Islam (Click here for the EO in its entirety).


Another lie that has been thrown around with abandon is that Trump is Hitler. First, Hitler was a National Socialist, whereas I think Trump is to the right of the political spectrum on many issues. Second, Hitler called for and implemented the mass slaughter of those who disagreed with him and the Nazi Party and used jackboot thugs known as the Brownshirts and the SS to do it. Trump is the most pro-gay president the Republican Party has ever seen, so the claim that Trump is Hitler is asinine, as Hitler killed any known homosexuals before and during WWII. I think President Trump has so far done what he promised to do on the campaign trail and done much more good for the country in less than a year as Commander in Chief than President Obama did in eight years.


Truth matters because when we remove it, we as a society become delusional and the fabric that holds us together begins to fall apart. We become polarized and refuse to talk to each other, and if it goes too far, we will no longer have the ability to function without politics getting in the way. So please find the facts on an issue before making a decision, and always hold to facts, because facts do not lie.



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